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I Don’t Kiss And Tell

I Don't Kiss And Tell

Why do you keep telling your friends everything you do with girls? Who are you trying to impress? Are you that insecure? Try keeping your mouth shut for once. You will realize that you will triple the amount of girls you sleep with. Would you like to have a lot of sex? Don’t ever tell anyone your… Continue Reading

Eating Pancakes Makes Me Smarter

I’ve always seen the gym as my own battleground for life. This is where I forge my character. This is where I create the base of what my life is going to be. This is the real reason why I go to the gym. The gym is my biggest teacher. I will give you a… Continue Reading

Having Bad Genetics Is The Shit

It sucks not being the popular guy in high school. It sucks not being the most admired athlete. It sucks not having the best clothes. It sucks being ugly. That all fucking sucks. Feel free to curse God and cry in your sleep. That’s what I did several years ago. I grew up hating myself… Continue Reading

How Do Rock Stars Avoid Hair Loss?

Rock Stars spend most of their time doing drugs and the most degenerate things you can think of. They should be the first ones to suffer the repercussions of damaging their bodies. Why are they still alive? Your outer appearance is a state of mind. Your body is a physical representation of what’s happening inside your… Continue Reading